Eurorack-style modular synthesizer,
fx, and playground for iOS and macOS
which can be used standalone or in a DAW


Hardware-like experience

miRack and its modules have look, feel and functionality closely resembling those of Eurorack hardware – currently the most popular modular synthesizer format.

Modular heaven

More than 700 modules from various developers are included to cover your needs and visual preferences. Some are direct ports of popular hardware modules.

Easy to use

Simple intuitive interface, a selection of essential modules, sample patches and tutorials will help you get started with the modular approach.

Outstanding performance

Highly optimised UI and DSP allow to create huge patches or use many instances of miRack at once. Or both.

Great with other software

miRack can be used standalone but also supports Audiobus/IAA (on iOS) and comes with an AUv3 plugin for use in DAWs (AU plugin on macOS).

… and hardware

MIDI I/O and multichannel audio I/O, including full support for Expert Sleepers ES-8/9 audio interfaces and expansion modules, allow to use miRack with wide range of devices and to integrate into a hardware Eurorack setups.