As with many powerful and highly customizable technologies, learning Eurorack may be challenging. Luckily, there is a lot of online and offline resources teaching modular synthesis in general, Eurorack, miRack app, and individual modules. We collected some of them here. This page will be updated with links to more resourced added in the future.

Learning Modular

Learning Modular website offers a number of courses to learn modular synths. The beautiful Patch & Tweak book is also highly recommended. These materials are about the real hardware Eurorack but they teach fundamentals as well as advanced concepts and techniques that can be applied to software modular synths, especially such close to Eurorack as miRack.

miRack on PatchStorage

miRack has its own section on PatchStorage – a place to share patches for many audio & visual software and hardware products. These patches are a great way to explore the possibilities, learn or base your project on. Especially recommended are patches by Fabio Ribeiro – a collection of annotated patches implementing synthesizers, grooveboxes and effects.

miRack Demos and Tutorials

Dean from Electronisounds Audio channel created a series of demonstration and beginner friendly tutorial videos about miRack. Highly recommended to watch, as well as the rest of his channel.

Same as above, Leonardo from SoundForMore channel has two playlists with tutorials and demonstrations of certain functions of miRack. Also recommended.

Show Videos

The following playlist contains assorted tutorials by other creators.

Module Tutorials

These videos demonstrate individual modules available in miRack.

VCV Rack Videos

Omri Cohen’s channel is the main source of VCV Rack tutorials, many of which can be applied to miRack. VCV Rack Ideas is another such channel.

miRack Music

These are not tutorials but rather compositions created fully or partly in miRack.