miRack comes with more than 600 modules by various developers. Modules are organised into module packs (also called plugins) and also into categories based on their function(s). Most of the modules were initially developed for VCV Rack and then ported to miRack.

This page gives an overview of available modules, it doesn’t show all of them. Many developers accept donations, you can find donation links below and on the Acknowledgements screen in the app.

Bogaudio by Matt Demanett
Audible Instruments by VCV
Virtual versions of the famous Mutable Instrument Eurorack modules.
Geodesics by Pierre Collard & Marc Boulé
Impromptu Modular by Marc Boulé
JW-Modules by Jeremy Wentworth
Valley by Dale Johnson
Lindenberg Research by Patrick Lindenberg
Squinky Labs
NYSTHI by Antonio Tuzzi
Befaco by VCV
Virtual versions of Befaco Eurorack modules.
cf by Clément Foulc
Bidoo by Sébastien Bouffier
HetrickCV by Michael Hetrick
Stellare Modular
Expert Sleepers Encoders
Encoder modules for use with Expert Sleepers Eurorack audio interface modules and expanders.
Holonic Systems
MSM by Michael Struggl
Frozen Wasteland by Eric Sterling
Autodafe Drum Kit by Antonio Grazioli
21kHz by Jake Huryn
8Mode by Matt Dwyer
Hardware emulation of the Texas Instruments SN76477 “Complex Sound Generator” sound chip.
Koralfx Modules by Tomek Sosnowski
Mental Modules by Strum
ML Modules by Martin Lueders
MI by Alfredo Santamaria (code)
Tiny Tricks by Thomas René Sidor
SynthKit by Jerry Sievert
trowaSoft by j4s0n-c
mscHack by Mark Schack