miRack 3.52 is out


  • Bogaudio modules have been updated to the latest available version. There’s a bunch of very interesting new modules, including VCFs and equalizers.
  • MI modules got some improvements and fixes to their UI.
  • Fixed a crash when switching range parameter of Audible Instruments Tidal Modulator 2.
  • Fixed Audible Instruments Modal Synthesizer STRENGTH input which was previously inverted. For compatibility, the old behaviour can be enabled in the module menu and is enabled automatically for existing patches.


  • [macOS] Fixed a problem with automation disabling when using miRack AU plugin in Ableton Live. This requires to update the legacy miRack AU component, visit its page to download.
  • New Reset command at the bottom of the Patch menu allows to disconnect all cables or initialize all modules in a patch at once.
  • Added 32-channel audio output and input modules. These bigger modules are not shown in the module browser, use module menu to set the number of channels to 32.
  • Fixed occasional module movement issues when zoomed.
  • [macOS] ⌘+/⌘-/⌘0 shortcuts now work in AU plugin.
  • [macOS] Fixed initial parameter values not sent to host when adding a new instance of miRack Legacy AU with a preset.