Status Update

There hasn’t been miRack app updates in a while now, and I guess some explanation is needed. Partly that was due to personal reasons, partly because most major features people were asking for had been implemented and there was no rush to do another release. I used this time to do a biggish API-related refactoring in preparation for releasing miRack SDK and supporting commercial modules. I also didn’t want to update included plugins (especially big ones) until the API is finalised.

Unfortunately the internal changes took longer than expected and didn’t go completely as I hoped (this has little end user impact so not to worry). The good news is, this is now finished, and I also updated most of the plugins to latest available version.

The should be a new version in the next two or so weeks which will mainly include these updated modules and some fixes. Then hopefully updates will come much more often – I have a long todo list by now. At the same time, I’ll make the SDK and documentation available, and continue to work on support for commercial modules.