miRack 3.56 is out


New module added – Meander by PurrSoftware. Meander is a self-contained algorithmic composer, it has quite a few rules for what makes western music sound good and applies those rules to sequence other sound generation modules. The module looks complex but it is easy to use – just connect V/Oct and Gate outputs to VCO/ADSR modules for harmony, melody and bass parts (or some of them) to get started. The next step is to adjust the module’s many parameters, all of which can also be controlled with CVs. See Meander demo patch for a basic setup.


  • Fixed a bug where a quick touch and drag action on a port could result in a wrong cable being dragged.
  • [macOS] Fixes and improvements to the UI, especially when running on macOS 11.3 and later.
  • [macOS] Fixed miRack not using the whole window size in Legacy AU mode on macOS 11.3 and later.

If you are using miRack Legacy AU component on macOS, it is also recommended to update it to the latest version which can be downloaded from mirack.app/au.