miRack 3.65 is released

miRack is now available as a VST® (VST3) plugin on macOS, which brings it to DAWs that do not support AU plugins, including Cubase and Bitwig. VST also allows sample accurate MIDI output to other plugins inside a DAW. See mirack.app/vst for details and download. Please consider miRack VST a beta software at the moment and let us know about any issues you encounter.


  • Fixed Bogaudio Walk2 module crashes when trying to initialise it via the module menu.
  • Fixed Bidoo dTrOY and bordL modules output a bogus gate signal on patch load.
  • Fixed Squinky Labs Stairway module behaves incorrectly with some input/outptu cable configurations.
  • Fixed cf Stereo module produces invalid output if its Pan CV input is connected.
  • Fixed patches created from custom templates don’t have autogenerated names.
  • [AU/VST] Fixed a crash when loading a preset (in the host) while MIDI or parameter mapping panel is shown.
  • [Mac] Fixed garbage audio output may be produced when loading a patch without an audio output module.
  • [Mac] Fixed Fit N Rows function calculates incorrect zoom level.
  • [Mac] Fixed last document isn’t reloaded on app launch in some cases.

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