miRack 3.70 is out


macOS version of miRack now runs natively on Apple Silicon, and therefore can be loaded into ARM versions of DAWs that do not support loading Intel plugins. If you are using miRack VST or Legacy AU plugins, you need do download universal versions of those as well from mirack.app/vst and mirack.app/au respectively.

On this topic, looks like in one of the recent Logic Pro updates fixed a bug that prevented miRack from showing as a MIDI FX plugin. If you didn’t know about this option, try it out as it opens a lot of possibilities to process incoming MIDI. If miRack is still not showing in the list for you, please contact support.

Other changes:

  • Incompatible ports are now dimmed when dragging a cable.
  • Added a button to mark modules as favorite from their menus.
  • Added protection from repeated crashes if there’s a problem loading a patch on miRack launch.
  • Added 32- and 64-sample audio buffer size options.
  • Number of DSP threads can now be increased in settings (only in standalone mode). Use this with caution, on newer devices and only if required for a large patch.


This update adds 66 modules, please see Recently Added section in module browser for a full list.


  • Fixed editing LPG responce/decay in Audible Instruments Macro Oscillator 2.
  • Fixed FPS setting is not applied after restarting miRack.
  • Fixed incorrect operation when double-tapping toggle switches.
  • Fixed incorrect behaviour of several MSM modules.
  • [iOS] Fixed a freeze when loading samples.
  • [macOS] Fixed incorrect behaviour of rack view scrollbars when using a mouse.