miRack 3.71 is out


  • We made improvements to the audio engine resulting in significantly lower CPU consumption (depending on the patch). If you notice any issues with the new engine version, please let us know. You can also switch to the old engine version in Settings menu.
  • Selected device is now preserved in MIDI modules even if it’s not connected when a patch is loaded.
  • New Duplicate with Inputs command in module menu allows to duplicate a module and have the new module’s inputs connected to the same ports as the original one.
  • New commands to make managing module rows easier: Split onto New Row moves a module and all modules to the right of it to a new row; Join onto Previous Row (available for the first module in a row only) moves a module and all modules to the right of it to the end of the previous row, then deletes the empty row.
  • Support for factory presets. They’re currently available for a few modules only, but more preset management functionality is in the works.


Two module packs added, please see Recently Added section in module browser for a full list of new modules.


  • Fixed a few issues and crashes in AUv3 mode.
  • Fixed undo/redo functionality for Paste Preset command.