miRack 4.00 with polyphony is now available

miRack now supports 8-channel polyphonic signals (likely to be increased to 16 channels after collecting initial feedback). A few things worth mentioning:

  • In order to preserve the behaviour of existing patches, polyphony is enabled per patch in the Patch menu. Also, note that Basic MIDI Input module defaults to mono, you need to set the desired number of voices in its menu as well.
  • Modules that support polyphony and module packs containing such modules are marked with in module browser.
  • See the new Polyphonic Synth demo patch for a simple polyphonic instrument with MIDI input.


  • AUv3 hosting modules updated to support polyphonic MIDI input and output, which makes it possible to integrate any AUv3 instruments and MIDI processors into your patches with minimal effort.
  • A bunch of polyphony-focused modules have been added, this includes utilities to manipulate channels of a poly signal, arpeggiators and a few others. Refer to the Recently Added and the new Polyphonic Utils sections in the module browser.
  • PurrSoftware Meander has been updated to the latest version, which is available separately from the old version in order to preserve the functionality of existing patches. Also added the new ModeScaleQuant and ModeScaleProgressions modules.
  • Added Squinky Labs Organ Tree, Substitute and FM Kitchen Sink modules.
  • Submarine LA-108 got a new module menu option “Spread poly signals” which can be used to visualize channels of poly signals with a single connection.
  • Impromptu Modular FourView has been updated to automatically display the first 4 channels of a poly signal connected to the first input.


  • Fixed toolbar layout on smaller screens.
  • NYSTHI ETCHASKETCHOSCOPE is now working again.
  • Fixed mute button not working for the last channel in NYSTHI 8MIX module.
  • Many other bugs have been squashed in various modules.